Not often enough now do we all get together as a family & such a shame this is.  Many of you may think about arranging such a pleasant event so let us arrange this for you here in Ireland.

Have parents & children; siblings, aunts & uncles; cousins, nieces & nephews all gather in a location/s to suit you all and share great memories with each other.  Accommodation can be in a group of thatched cottages in a coastal  village; a luxury castle hotel; an exclusive-use estate;  a spacious private rental home or your family may all prefer a town centre location.  Wherever you choose to stay you will have time to renew friendships, some perhaps meeting others for the first time; there will be time for laughter, chats and reminiscing.   Enjoy a private dinner in a Norman Castle on the shores of Galway Bay; let us put on a concert for you in the delightful St. John’s (pictured) of music & entertainment or a themed afternoon/ evening.   Tour for a day perhaps by vintage car and let us arrange walking, cycling, a hawk walk, horse-riding/golf events.  We will work with you on all the arrangements including accommodation, transport, dinners & banquets and events to create the ideal Family Gathering & you will all leave with wonderful memories of your family time together.   Contact us now at maryogrady@eircom.net for your Family Gather for late 2016 or sometime in 2017.

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