PLANNING A VISIT to IRELAND – we will tailor an itinerary to suit your specific preferences

As we are located here in Ireland the team here at Irish Travel Plans have an extensive knowledge and love of Ireland and we will create your dream itinerary of Ireland.  We can include many of those locations & places known to all but we will also take you on less travelled roads to many other places of extreme natural beauty. Your itinerary can include luxury hotels and homes offering the ultimate in luxury;  3 & 4 star hotels or private rental accommodation.  The guesthouse is a great favourite of many and we can provide town, city, village or rural locations.  You may want a vacation packed with travel & touring throughout and if so we will arrange this for you or alternatively you may prefer and be in need of a relaxing time during your stay here.  So whether here with your family – large or small; a group of friends or colleagues; a community or society group or a family gathering – contact us now and we will create that dream vacation in Ireland for you for 2017.


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