A PRIVATE ESCORTED TOUR of IRELAND designed especially for you

Planning a trip here to Ireland in 2017 or looking for a special destination for your vacation?  If so let us design an itinerary for you and your family/friends and colleagues.  You can choose from 3 & 4 star hotels, luxury castles or the more modest but very comfortable guesthouse accommodation.  We will discuss your preferences, duration, budget and any special interests that you may have and then sit back and let us take all that work out of arranging this special vacation.  Our many years of experience in creating tailor made itineraries ensures that your vacation here in Ireland in 2017 will be a truly memorable time.  Whether two, twenty two, or lots more travelling  we will take care of all your requirements so contact us now at maryogrady@eircom.net and we look forward to welcoming you here in 2017

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