PRIVATE TOURS of IRELAND – large or small groups, family gatherings & reunions, cultural & garden tours, couples & individuals ….

IRELAND – a small country at the edge of Europe with spectacular scenery and with monuments throughout as reminders of our rich and ancient history & culture. During a vacation here you will not be able to include all those many places that you may like to visit so contact us at and we will compile an itinerary to suit you.  We will include as much as possible for you whilst allowing you the time to enjoy where you go & visit – we will not present you with a whirlwind tour of Ireland – your itinerary will be to suit your preferences, duration, interests, standard of accommodation & budget.  Choose to stay in centuries old castles, country house estates, be welcomed by Michael & Mary in their delightful guesthouse, enjoy a stay in a 3 or 4 star town centre or rural location or you may prefer a private rental vacation – if so we will arrange a home to sleep from 2- 22 or more perhaps. So if you are planning a vacation here to Ireland, or looking for a special destination with your family/friends/work colleagues/ college reunions we will make your visit here a truly memorable time for you all so whether for this year or already planning for 2018 contact us now as later may be never.


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